A brief And Comprehensive overview of Adderall 30mg

ADHD is a common problem among children and adults nowadays and there are numerous medicines used to treat it. One such prescription tablet is the Adderall. It comes in a number of variations. These include the Adderall 30mg and the Adderall XR to name a few.


The medicine is primarily based on a combination of two drugs. These are amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. Both chemicals are stimulants and can be used for treating diverse range of medical problems.

For whom it is prescribed?

There are a lot of medical conditions that can be treated using this medicine. Usually, it is given to individuals that are suffering from ADHD. Such people generally have problem with focusing on something and cannot pay attention to a particular thing for more than a while. Therefore, experts prescribe it to enhance the attention span and to bring more control to the activities that these individuals perform.

Apart from that, the regular version of Adderall is also given to the patients of narcolepsy. Mostly, it is to prevent the symptoms of this issue which includes problems such as sleeping for too long and the immediate urge to sleep for long during daytime.


Legalities and manufacturing

One needs to know about the legal permissions associated with the drugs. Therefore, it must be brought into the readers notice that the Food and Drug Administration authority gave approval to this drug back in 1960. They reviewed the chemical combination, what it was, and how it stimulated the system of a person and then announced that the mixture of these two chemicals, amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, can be used as a generic drug.

Since then, the DSM Pharmaceuticals started making the drug with their brand name while other companies also manufacture it in various generic versions.

How it works?

Adderall works like any other drug and is a stimulant. It alters the body of a person to produce certain chemicals that lead to the desired results. Thus, it belongs to the category of drugs that is known as the central nervous system stimulants.

The medicine works by increasing the level of dopamine in the body of an individuals. Ultimately, it stimulates the brain and, due to this response from your body, people suffering from ADHD feel relieved, calm, and focused.

Negative use of Adderall

The use of Adderall has increased drastically in the last decade. It was one of the highest prescribed drugs to the children and alone in 2010 its sales were more than 10 million.

The primary reason given for this is that Adderall 30mg is a well known and effective drug for children suffering from ADHD. The number of kids suffering from this issue has increased dramatically in past decade which led to increased sales. On the other side, there are doctors who prescribe it for reasons other than addressing ADHD.

Apart from all this, the negative increase of Adderall has also increased. People who take it ‘without any reason’ are likely to get ‘high’ because their increased dopamine levels trigger euphoria.